Swedish- “Kneading to Relax?”

This enjoyable massage is a full body treatment that is pure relaxation. Pamper yourself with this traditional massage that uses a variety of long, fluid strokes and Swedish techniques. Pressure can vary from light to medium.
1 dollar per minute

Wellness- “Strategic Session”

This integrative approach to massage combines a unique blend of Swedish and deep tissue techniques. Your session may also include acupressure, heat or cold therapy, stretching, and/or range of motion. This is a customized treatment designed to make you feel better.

30 minute massage- 35 dollars
60 minute massage-70 dollars
1 dollar each additional minute

“Take Me Away. But, Leave Me Clothed”

When you have no time but desperately need to relax and renew…Don’t waste time changing! Keep on your clothes, get on the table and enjoy this surprisingly satisfying massage.
Head, face, hands, and feet massage

30 minute massage-30 dollars

“Rock My World”

Allow the deep heat of the basalt lava stones to break through and release your tension and stress. This head to toe massage utilizes soothing strokes similar to those in the Swedish techniques while incorporating hot stone therapy.

60 minute massage-75 dollars
1 dollar each additional minute

”Susie Special”

This massage was designed by one of my first clients. It’s a perfect mix of fluffy feel good and therapeutic massage. Start will a “Take Me Away, But Leave Me Clothed” and finish with a 30 minute “Strategic Session”
60 minute massage-65 dollars


Basalt Lava -Hot Stones

Whether a spot treatment or a full body experience this is sure to become one of your favorite extras. Loosen tight muscles and bring about unbelievable relaxation and balance.

5 dollars per area with no added time to treatment

Sinus – Head and Facial Massage

Having some sinus discomfort or trouble with facial puffiness? This 15-minute add-on is perfect for you. This treatment focuses on your face and scalp area and consists of light massage to facilitate fluid movement and drainage. Incredibly relaxing and worth the extra time and money.

15 dollars

Exfoliating Body Scrubs

A great addition to any massage on the menu. New, smoother skin is only a scrub away! A luxurious body polish is applied that will exfoliate, cleanse, and revitalize. Your skin will be left feeling silky smooth with any one of our concoctions that you may choose.

5 dollars per area with no added time to treatment


Customize Your “Road to Wellness”
Pick which type or types of massage you would like, how many, and a time frame to use them. Purchase them all for a discounted price. It’s really simple and the savings are great.
3-5 massages – save 10%
6-8 massages – save 15%
9 massages – save 20%


Available upon request